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2012 Engineering Summer Calendar

24 – Thursday   Last Day of School
25 – Friday   Post Planning
28 – Monday  Memorial Day (Schools Closed)
4-6  Mon,Tue, Wed(1/2) Digital Design Training 8 to 4:30, Tucker High School
6-7 Wed(1/2), Thr, Fri Project Based Learning 8 to 4:30, Tucker High School
11-13 Mon, Tue, Wed(1/2)  CAD Training 8 to 4:30, Chamblee High School
13-15 Wed(1/2), Thr, Fri Middle School Lego Robotics Training 8 to 4:30, Arabia Mt HS
13-15 Wed(1/2), Thr, Fri  High School VEX Robotics Training 8 to 4:30, Arabia Mt HS
20-25 Wed to Mon TSA National Conference, Nashville TN
4 – Wednesday 4th of July Schools Closed
15-18 Sun to Wed  GACTE Conference, Waverly Hotel Cobb County
23-25 Mon, Tue, Wed(1/2)  Wood Router Training for High School 8 to 4:30, Cross Keys
23-25 Mon, Tue, Wed(1/2) EbD Project Based Learning Training 8 to 4:30 Druid Hills Middle
25-27 Wed1/2), Thr, Fri Prototyping Using Safe Practices Training 8 to 4:30 Cross Keys
6-10  Preplanning
9-Thursday  CTAE Staff Development Day
13-Monday  First Day of School


"Engineering and Technology served as a key to unlocking my potential and discovering my ability to be a leader. The Technology Student Association (TSA) helped me transcend expectations set by others and myself. I never imagined having opportunities in high school to be exposed to real world engineering problems while acquiring the ability to command a crowd of my peers through public speaking. STEM education and organizations have allowed me to discover myself and accomplish more than I could have ever hoped."


ITEEA 2012 Middle School Program Of Excellence

Congratulations to Druid Hills Middle School and Peter Binnion for receiving the 2012 Program Of Excellence Award
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ITEEA 2012 High School Teacher Of Excellence

Congratulations to Mark Crenshaw of Dunwoody High School for receiving the 2012 Teacher of Excellence Award
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2013 ITEEA President Elect

Congratulations to Steve Price of Arabia Mountain High School for being elected as president of the International Technology and Engineering Educators Association (ITEEA).
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Congratulations to the following schools who qualified for the 2012 VEX Worlds Robotics Tournament

Dunwoody High School Teams 1264A, 1264B, and 1264D,Cross Keys High School Teams 1291A, and 1291B,Tucker High School Team 1320B,Chamblee High School Team 1275A
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