MANUFACTURINGStudent in the Manufacturing Pathway will learn that Lean Manufacturing is an operational strategy oriented toward achieving the shortest possible cycle time by eliminating waste. It is derived from the Toyota Production System and its key thrust is to increase the value-added work by eliminating waste and reducing incidental work. The technique often decreases the time between a customer order and shipment, and it is designed to radically improve profitability, customer satisfaction, throughput time, and employee morale. The benefits generally are lower costs, higher quality, and shorter lead times.  The term "lean manufacturing" is coined to represent half the human effort in the company, half the manufacturing space, half the investment in tools, and half the engineering hours to develop a new product in half the time.

Remote Automation Management Project (RAMP)

About the RAMP Program:

Cross Keys High School currently utilizes the RAMP to introduce high school students to the ever-changing world of industrial automation. This pilot project, launched September 2008 and headed by MTC Tifton Campus RAMP Administrator Chris Estes, is the first of its kind in the Southeastern region of the United States. Moultrie Tech is the first technical college in the state of Georgia with this technology and only the second technical college in the nation to use it as a teaching module. High School students receive dual enrollment credit, which is high school and technical college credit earned simultaneously.

Pathway Description

This pathway provides students with an introduction to manufacturing technology and its relationship with society, individuals, and the environment.  This pathway also includes a study of the various managed activities which are used to develop, produce, use, and assess production technology. Research and development, production, and marketing techniques are reviewed. In addition, students learn about a wide variety of production techniques. Fabrication and assembly steps are highlighted. Assuring product quality is also explored.


Course Name
Course Code
Course Abbreviation
Level 1
*Foundations of Manufacturing and Materials Science
Level 2
*Robotics and Automated Systems
Level 3
*Production Enterprises
Level 4
Manufacturing  Internship

*Required for Pathway Completion    

Course Description

21.44100                  Foundations of Manufacturing and Material Science – Grades 9-12
Foundations of Manufacturing and Materials Science is the introductory course for the Manufacturing career pathway. This course provides students with opportunities to become familiar with related careers and develop fundamental technological literacy as they learn about the history, systems, and processes of manufacturing.


21.44500                  Robotics and Automated Systems – Grades 10-12
Upon completing this course, students will be able to apply their knowledge of computer aided design (CAD), computer numerical control (CNC), robotics, computer assisted manufacturing (CAM), programmable logic controllers, automated guided vehicles (AGV), and computer integrated manufacturing (CIM).


21.44400                  Production Enterprises – Grades 10-12
The purpose of this course is to give students on understanding of how to design and implement a production system. Students learn how businesses engage in the production of products beginning with pre-production activities and continuing through post-production activities.

21.45800                  Manufacturing Internship – Grades 10-12
This course is designed to allow students to experience the workplace through an internship opportunity.


Manufacturing Opportunities

Occupation Level of Education Salary
Manufacturing/Production/Industrial Control Related Work Experience/Technical Training  $35,000
Production Manager  Associates Degree $45,000
Manufacturing Engineering/Design/Fabrication Bachelor’s Degree $65,000



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