ENGINEERINGEngineering Courses are designed to introduce students to the world of technology and engineering, as a first step in becoming technologically literate citizens. Additionally, these courses will help beginning high school students answer the question: "Why should I study math, science and engineering if I don't plan on a technical career?" Through practical real-world connections, students have an opportunity to see how science, mathematics, and engineering are part of their everyday world, and why it is important for every citizen to be technologically and scientifically literate.

Pathway Description

This pathway is a  sequence of courses which, when combined with traditional mathematics and science courses in high school, introduces students to the scope, rigor and discipline of engineering.  This pathway will introduce students to the field of engineering technology.  Students will solve problems using common engineering practices. Students will be acquainted with the major fields of engineering and with the diverse functions engineers and technologists perform. Students will be familiar with the paths and certifications that can lead to careers in engineering and engineering technology.  Students will understand and demonstrate communication skills necessary in the field of engineering. They will employ an individual and team approach while solving engineering problems.


Course Name
Course Code
Course Abbreviation
Level 1 *Foundations of Engineering and Technology 21.42500 ENGR-FET
Level 2 *Engineering Concepts 21.47100 ET – EC
Level 3 *Engineering Applications 21.47200 ET – EA
Level 4 Research, Design and Project Management 21.46100 ET-RDPM
Supplementary Work-Based Learning/Internship    

*Required for Pathway Completion 

Course Description

21.42500                  Foundations of Engineering and Technology –Grades 9-12
This course is the introductory course for all Georgia Engineering and Technology education pathways. This course provides students with opportunities to develop fundamental technological literacy as they learn about the history systems, and processes of invention and innovation.

21.47100                  Engineering Concepts – Grades 10-12
This course introduces students to the fundamental principles of engineering. Students learn about areas of specialization within engineering and engineering design, and apply engineering tools and procedures as they complete hands-on instructional activities.

21.47200                  Engineering Applications – Grades 10-12
Students have opportunities to apply engineering design as they develop a solution for a technological problem.  Students use applications of mathematics and science to predict the success of an engineered solution and complete hands-on activities with tools, materials, and processes as they develop a working drawings and prototypes.

21.46100                  Research, Design, and Project Management – Grades 10-12
This course provides students with opportunities to work with students from other pathways as a member of a design team.  Research strategies, prototype testing and evaluation, and communication skills are emphasized.


Engineering Opportunities

Occupation   Level of Education Salary
Engineering Technician  2 to 4 Year Degree Preferred $45,000
Engineering all Areas Bachelor’s Degree $65,000
Project Development and Engineering Controller Bachelor’s Degree $65,000



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